Myndplan 1.0 Launching our first online beta

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Release Date: March 7th, 2017

After more than a decade of clinical trials and data collection followed by more than two years of analysis and software development, we are thrilled to be launching the Beta version of the Myndplan app. This will be a limited release occurring in the communities of Huron and Perth County in Southwestern Ontario. We’re excited because all our hard work has paid off in the form of a very comprehensive set of features that cover many aspects of a consumer-centered mental health intake and assessment process.

How Myndplan works for Consumers (Clients)

As soon as clients register online with Myndplan, they can begin the self-assessment process. This includes completing a comprehensive psychological inventory, the MultiAx, that collects data about the client’s problem history as well as their current attitudes, feelings, and behaviors.


The data is immediately analyzed and presented back as a comprehensive report. This report offers a plain language breakdown of over two dozen scales and measures that describe symptom intensity, personal strengths and potential barriers to change. The report includes detailed charts showing clients where scores fall in comparison to two large samples of people – one that is comprised of healthy adult men and women, the other of people who were starting therapy at the time of their assessment. The report also provides “analytics”; results based on more in depth statistics that combine scales, calculate prediction equations, and otherwise manipulate client data in order to provide a variety of useful information. A graphical profile summarizes these results in the form of a series of charts.


This information is all part of the client’s personal mental health file and it is the start of a process that puts them in the driver’s seat with respect to their mental health assessment and treatment. Unlike the traditional approach to mental health care, clients can grant (or remove) access to their information to any health professional they wish whenever they want, without having to fill out forms or seek anyone else’s permission.

How Myndplan works for Health Providers (Clinicians)

When clinicians register with Myndplan, they are given access to a portal through which they can connect with their clients and collaborate with them on many of the tasks that make up assessment, diagnosis, treatment planning, and treatment provision. Once a clinician is connected to a client’s record, they can view their Multiax and other scan results, which provide scores on a wide range of scales, offer key norm group comparisons, signal alerts, identify critical items, offer factor scores, and summarize the overall profile in an easy to interpret graphical format. As the system unfolds, added features will allow clinicians to collaborate with clients using our Self Assessment and Treatment Mapping Guides, Progress Monitors, and Treatment Toolbox.


There’s more!

Another part of the Beta 1.0 release is a secure messaging feature that permits clients to converse with any clinicians who are part of their circle of care. Any clinician who has been granted permission to view the client’s information will be able to discuss their impressions, offer advice, and engage in treatment planning. We also make it easy for clients to contact key agencies in their community using this feature. This makes it easy for clients to reach out instantly to crisis intervention services, mental health workers at their medical clinic, counselors with consumer mental health support agencies, and local addiction service workers.


This is only a small portion of the functionality that will go with the complete Myndplan package. Additional features include a set of Self Assessment and Treatment Mapping Guides, shareable Progress Monitoring, and an interactive Treatment Toolbox. These releases will happen in a stepwise manner, building to a service that supports a process of self discovery and fosters a more collaborative approach to counseling than is currently available either online or in the office.

Want to try it out?

We’re committed to making psychotherapy a truly consumer-centered experience yet also recognize the importance of helping treatment providers maintain their high standards of practice. As a result, our roll-out will occur in a series of carefully planned steps. Early access is limited to a pre-selected group of clinicians who will be using Myndplan with their clients. Next, we will open use to any clients within the communities served by our participating clinics and agencies. As we add features and functionality, we will be expanding to the service to clients and clinicians in other communities throughout North America.

If you are interested in trying Myndplan but don’t happen to live in Southwestern Ontario where this Beta release is available, put your name on our waitlist and join our newsletter/blog. You can also join our Facebook page or follow me on Linkedin, where new posts will be released on a regular basis. Feel free to send brief inquires or comments to Dr. Shepherd at Myndplan via our Twitter account. Following us will keep you informed about our updates to the Beta product, our progress expanding the service, and as an added bonus, give you access to regular articles about relevant developments in the world of consumer-centered mental health.